The Pathway Mission


It is the Mission of Pathway Vocational Academy to provide adult vocational students with the highest standards of education in the career field of their choice. Our mission is to provide this education while maintaining the integrity and core values we embrace as an educational team. The goals and expectations of our faculty and staff is to educate the student with knowledge and skills to be successful in the pursuit of their professional career, and to empower the student so they may open the door to their destiny and to recognize opportunities as they take the first step in the career choice they have chosen. 

Congratulations for choosing to seek a career in the field of cosmetology. By enrolling in a course of study at Pathway Vocational Academy you have taken the first important step on your path toward an interesting and satisfying career. 

Cosmetology offers the opportunity for a lifetime career in one of the largest and most respected industries. After completing a comparatively short training period, you will be prepared to embark upon a career that can provide an excellent source of income for you in your chosen career path. 

The opportunities available are far greater in the field of cosmetology than in any other field comparable in preparation time and expense. Cosmetology offers a lucrative, exciting, and growth filled future for the alert and ambitious individual, a career filled with personal pleasure and satisfaction, and most important, it combines job satisfaction with financial stability along with the opportunity to advance in the career field. 

New techniques, new products, and new opportunities appear every day. There is a consistent increase in Salon and Spa revenue. 

With reference to your own future, there seems to be no limit to the progress you can make or to the amount of success you can accomplish. There is a constant demand for qualified, well-trained graduates, as well as the opportunities for an individual to start his/her own business. The limit on your success will depend primarily on the effort you make and the seriousness with which you approach your training while in school. You will experience the opportunity for growth in all areas of your life, such as personal appearance, motivation, ability to work well with others and personal growth. All these elements are essential to you achieving success in the career filed you have chosen. We extend a most sincere welcome to you. We are certain that you will be pleased with your decision in selecting this fascinating career. The field and its opportunities are unlimited. You have opened the door to a new, exciting world. 

Thank you for choosing PATHWAY VOCATIONAL ACADEMY to assist you with your desire to know more about a profession in the field of cosmetology and the opportunity to enter the field with the knowledge needed to succeed. Choosing a career is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make in choosing your destiny. 

PATHWAY VOCATIONAL ACADEMY is a fully equipped facility, which offers a comprehensive curriculum, taught by well-trained instructors. The staff is dedicated to prepare each student for one of the most rewarding and profitable professions in the vocational field. 

Because the course of study may be achieved in a short period of tie and tuition costs are modest, you will be able to begin working without a large investment of either your time or money. New possibilities and facets of the cosmetology profession are limitless. No longer is cosmetology restricted only to hairdressing but encompasses the latest in esthetics, and nail technology. 

We are happy you have chosen our school to further your education and wish for you every possible success in your journey. 

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